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Brief Review & Thoughts.

The papers were quick to point out that our draw last night at the Etihad meant that our winless run in the Champions League stretched to nine games, but to us fans, it didn’t seem anything like a sombre failure.

In what turned out to be a very watchable game, despite the pre-season feeling of it, Celtic left the grim atmosphere of the Etihad with a point and it was more than deserved.

We fielded a strong team, as Hunter and our guest Walsh thought we would on the lastest episode of GIGPOD, and went for it, knowing Man City would be no doubt half arsed about the game – and they didn’t let us down at all! Instead of Guardiola playing the big dogs to atone for their sins at the weekend against Chelsea, he played the jobbers who will no doubt end up at Sunderland, Hull and Everton in the next year or so.

We took the lead through a fine solo goal by Patrick ‘Paddy’ Roberts, who then did a great thing and celebrated a goal against his employers. For a young guy to show up many idiot fitba players who have a hard on for that kid on #RESPECT culture and refuse to enjoy a goal, it was a lesson, and a two fingers, to them.

The lead didn’t last long though when Jozo reacted slowly to a throughball by Gundogan to Ian Nacho, whose shot went in past Gordon, who should have done better.

Both sides missed some great chances in an open first half, with Dembele missing a sitter after being denied by Pitbull in the Man City goal, but instead of placing the ball into the net, he blazed it into the side netting. Brutal!! The SFA also denied us a clear cut penalty when Roberts got past Clichy and was pulled back, but the long hand of the top beaks at Hampden have UEFA in their pocket it seems.

Celtic controlled the second half and Gary Mackay-Steven replaced an injured Forrest, who had played well in the first half. The much maligned winger gave the manager something to think about with his performance when he came on though, and if Forrest is out for a while, GMS could come in and cement his place in the side. Had he buried his late chance on goal, he would have been a shoe in to start on Friday night against Thistle, but again Pitbull proved equal to his effort.

It was a strange game in that Man City truly didn’t look like they gave a fuck, and should have made more of a game of it. There was a bit in the second half where our back four passed the ball between each other and the nearest City player was at the halfway line. Spectacular commitment to a new gimmick by Guardiola, who acted like a dickhead in his interview last night too. That said, he’s set for life and I’m writing about him, so who truly is the dickhead ? No comment IMO.

Full time then and the team went over to the fans, who made more noise than the plastic chairs posing as supporters at the home end, but it’s no surprise is it ? I said in episode 3 of GIGPOD at when we played them, it would be a dreary atmosphere and they never make any noise, it’s always the away fans. Truly the epitome of modern fitba supporters.

I’m usually the first to shoot down the tartan army mentality of our fans of going places for a big party in dead rubber games, but I won’t be putting the boot in on this occasion, because despite finishing last and exiting Europe completely, the weird thing is, this campaign has been a significant improvement on the past showings in Europe, and the team deserved a good support backing them at a soul-less arena for fitba.

The only disappointment being, we probably overestimated Man City and Monchengladbach when the draw was announced back in August. I think their reputation was definitely a big part of us downplaying qualifying and competing, when in an actual fact, the reality was Man City and BMG were very much beatable, and we should have won at least one game. If wee Conor McGregor scores at Monchengladbach, and we go into the game V Barcelona with a win behind us…..who knows. It’s done now.

Regardless, it’s progress and I don’t think we need an overhaul of new players to kick on either. Craig Gordon has came onto a game for us but he’ll probably be replaced next season for the CL assault. A right back to challenge or replace Lustig is also necessary, as Gamboa is clearly there for patter with Izzy outside of the workplace! An attacking midfielder is a must too, as although Rogic was decent last night, this CL campaign has proved that when he’s missing in these games, we’re truly a man down.

Shanner not to win a game at least, and somehow Lennon’s 13/14 CL team are on the same number of points as Rodgers, but I highly doubt that will be the case next season, and we will kick on from here.

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